Child Custody and Visitation

Given the many factors that surround families, child custody is rarely ever a simple matter. Our family law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and is focused on the best interests of children. Our first focus is to help you resolve your child custody issues through negotiation and mediation. In child custody cases, it can be especially challenging for parents to come to an agreement on key issues concerning their children. When negotiation and mediation do not yield the necessary results and a trial is in your best interest, be certain we are fully prepared to litigate your case in the courtroom.

Our child custody practice is well versed in handling the most complex child custody issues including with special needs children, family violence, parental relocations, substance abuse and parents in the military issues. We are accustomed to working with child psychologists and physicians as experts in custody litigation. And remember, with that said, a child's best interests are always the most important consideration in a child custody dispute.

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