Mediation plays a key role in resolving difficult family law issues and creates a workable plan that the parties create themselves. In mediation, the parties, their attorneys (if any) and a professional mediator work toward the goal of reaching an amicable resolution to your family law problems. The key is that the parties can frame a solution that works for everyone concerned.

Lisa Harvey Moore and Shannon T. Moore are professional mediators as recognized by the education requirements required by the State of Texas. Both attorneys have mediated complex property divisions and child custody disputes. Mediation is the time to create a workable solution and one that is irrevocable once the parties executed a Mediated Settlement Agreement(“MSA”). This is key given that once all required parties enter into a MSA that is properly executed, neither party can back out of that agreement and the litigation can stop. We gladly conduct mediations for other attorneys in Victoria, Texas and its surrounding counties.

Additionally, we as family law attorneys regularly attend mediations with our clients. The best results in mediation come when you are represented by a well-prepared and experienced attorney who has thoroughly studied your case. Our Family Law attorneys will prepare your case as though you were going to trial. These extra efforts allow us, as your attorneys, to understand the proper range of settlement and where the breaking points area in your file. A good mediation can save the very large expense of having a trial.

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