Real Estate

Our attorneys have extensive experience in many areas of real estate practice. Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing, or developing, we can assists you with finding creative solutions to ensure your transaction gets completed correctly, efficiently, and in a timely fashion. Our practice includes:

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales, Purchase, and Leasing
  • Pipeline and Easement Negotiations
  • Land Development
  • Conveyancing and Title Disputes
  • Landowner Disputes
  • Foreclosure
  • Mineral Conveyancing

pIn every real estate transaction, there are complexities that could give rise to errors. Regardless of how simple a transaction may seem, it could turn out to be complex.

At best, errors and oversights might cause a minor delay in making everything final. At worst, an error could give rise to title problems that might not be discovered for several months or even years. Closing a transaction is more than just a formality, and needs to be approached with the same level of professional care as any other part of a real estate transaction. You need to know your transaction will be handled by a team of professionals that you can rely on.

At Meier, Bradicich & Moore, LLP, we understand how important closing and escrow services are to a successful real estate transaction. Our lawyers know how important it is that the services be provided timely, in an accurate and professional manner.

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