Child Support

Child support calculations are a large part of divorce and paternity cases in Texas. Largely, child support obligations are determined through the Texas Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are presumed to be in the child’s best interest, and if they are not, it’s your burden to rebut that presumption. This could be a dispute in the calculation of net resources or anticipated expenses related to medical conditions or special needs of the child to be supported. In mediation and the courtroom there are times when negotiating these obligations is a sticking point in your case. It is times like these that require a skilled attorney to recognize the fine nuances in the child support law and have the ability to navigate your case to ensure the correct child support calculations.

We often see issues that arise, and often slip away, when cases are not prepared and handled with an eye toward litigation. These situations can be when one party is self-employed and does not receive a W-2 and the calculation of net resources available is a mirage, or when a party works an excessive amount of overtime but then stops that schedule abruptly prior to a hearing, or maybe when a person simply intentionally quits a gainfully employed position to avoid that child support obligation. These events simply require a skill Texas family law attorney to avoid the pitfalls.

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